Saturday, October 12, 2013

Glow In The Dark Saturday

 Since it's now October and the month of Halloween, I'm sharing my mani from last week that I used my favorite glow in the dark nail polish for.  Before I used the GITD nail polish I used a white base coat, putting on 2 coats, and then I used about 3 coats of "Day Glow" by Serum No5. I absolutely LOVE this and it's been my favorite since I bought it last year. I saw it on a blog that I found in a google search and after desperately searching for it, I finally had found it!  Her etsy shop is here although she is currently on a vacation and her Instagram is here.
After my initial base coats, I wanted to do some stamping so I chose to do a splatter design from my big stamping template. I cannot remember what brand the plate is but I got it off of Amazon! First I started with using black but then thought "Wait, these are like blood splatters, so why not do red?" DUH. But I went with alternating from black and red since I already stamped my pinky with black. I used Pure Ice "Siren" for the red and the black was a stripper polish since I had forgotten that I haven't gone and bought a new black. The above picture is of my finished manicure after I went on my daily Starbucks run and came from right outside. Pictures never seem to do the nail polish justice but it is SUPER bright when you step into the dark from being outside in the sun.
This is the mani in the light and yes I am holding my Starbucks coffee cup! Here you can see the different alternating black and red polishes.
This photo is from a different mani that I did last fall with the same "Day Glow" polish except I put black stars on them.  I used to have those glow in the dark stars that you put on your ceiling as a kid and I thought that this would be the perfect nail polish to use to recreate that!
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