Tuesday, July 22, 2014

OPI: "The Sky's The Limit"

Back in June the Mustang Collection from OPI came out and I of course picked up the blue color from the collection. Something about a shiny blue nail polish color accompanied by the Ford Mustang logo on the bottle handle..yeah I just HAD to get it! "The Sky's The Limit" could possibly be okay with just one coat but I like to do 2 coats just to be on the safe side. I love the little flecks/sparkle that are in the nail polish and I'm not sure I've seen a mustang yet that is the same color as this polish.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

wHet Nail Polish: "Facetious"

In my July Ipsy bag for this month I received yet another nail polish (how exciting right?) and this time it was from wHet nail polish. I've never heard of this brand but that didn't mean I was going to let it go untried! Since I love getting new nail polish and was in need of a new mani, I picked up this one and put it on. The next morning I realized that on the box it says "7 day no chip" so I thought to myself, I SHALL TAKE THE CHALLENGE! And here I am writing a post about it and testing to see if the nail polish really doesn't chip in 7 days. Since it's Sunday, and I'm 2 days late on my post (Oops), I'm starting Day 3 of having the nail polish on. So far I've only noticed normal tip wear since I work with a bunch of paper at work and just a very tiny piece missing on my right middle finger. That very tiny missing piece, however, I do believe could be from my nail just being crappy and not in the best shape. I do love the color since it's blue and we all know I love blue. When putting it on I noticed that it seems more like a jelly-based nail polish so I tried to do thicker layers than I usually do. In the bottle it looks like a lighter blue than it comes out but either way I love the color.