Thursday, October 24, 2013

Haul Overview

**Side Note! Apparently this post never actually made it onto the site a couple weeks ago (it's been a very hectic last 2 weeks) so I'm making this post now! I'm SO SO sorry about that! I think I'm slowly losing my mind!**
Hey guys. So on Saturday I made myself go into Sally Beauty to renew my membership and of course I took a stroll past the nail polish section. Upon my arrival to this section I noticed some of the newer polishes that they had sitting out looking all pretty. There was one that I told myself not to get but I couldn't just let it sit there and not be part of my collection! It's "Angel Rain" from Orly's new collection, Surreal and the only one from that collection that I grabbed. In my opinion it's like a light blue/purple and I see it transition from one color to the other as well as a little hint of green at moments too. I took photos of different angles and hopefully I was able to capture those colors.

This is a front facing photo which makes the polish look like a pearl type of color which if I think about it, it kind of is like that! I really like this color and I'm glad that I picked it up and didn't leave it at the store looking after me. In this photo you can see where there's a mix of light blue, some light purple, and a little tone of a light green as well.

In this photo you can see the mix of blue and green tones which makes the nails look pretty cool. It's like looking at the inside of a seashell which I feel makes it look even cooler.

To show the blue more in this polish, I angled my nails back a little and took a photo down the front/top of my nails.  This shows that blue more than the previous two photos and shows a more solid color.

For the last picture of this mani and nail polish is showing the more purple side of it. To me this is like a light purple mixed with a little bit of pink and love how it goes from the other colors and then to this. The more I think about it the more I'm seeing this color being straight off of a pearl.
Well this is a haul overview so before my Saturday buy, some of the indie brand of nail polishes did a restock on their shops and I jumped at the chance to get some of these before they sold out. The first indie polish that I decided to grab before it was gone is "Set Fire To The Rain" from Too Fancy Lacquer.  It's a "sapphire blue linear holographic polish" which I'm going to strongly assume the name came from an Adele song. I saw a swatch of this nail polish on Instagram and I just had to grab at least a bottle before they became sold out. I'm glad I did since I don't think that it lasted anymore than about 20 hours. These indie holographic nail polishes sell out quiet quickly! But then again, just looking at them makes you wanna drool..maybe that was too much information? Anyways! I haven't received the polish yet but as soon as I receive all my polishes from my haul, you bet there's gonna be a blog about them!

My next indie purchase was from Serum No5 which I made sure to grab another bottle of "Day Glow" which I've posted about in a previous post. I also grabbed "Burning Orchid" (which I realized I already have a bottle of!) And "Twlight Sparks" which are both glow in the dark nail polishes. Day Glow to me was a no brainer since it is hands down the best glow in the dark nail polish that I've come across. I didn't realize until yesterday afternoon that I already have a bottle of Burning Orchid but oh well! One can never have too many nail least that's my theory. And Twlight Sparks has a great blue glow to it which is what drew me into it since, well, I love the color blue in almost any shade.

After that I snatched up "Nightcrawler" from Polished by KPT which is a thermal polish that goes from a blue with some purple shimmer in it to a more opaque white color. I own a few polishes from Polished by KPT and I've never had a negative thing to say about the polishes. I first saw thermal nail polishes when I discovered Katherine's and it absolutely amazed me. Even though it seems that thermals are more common now, I still feel that the trend starter was Polished by KPT.

Image of Nightcrawler
My next and last haul buy wasn't from an indie nail polish company but from NCLA which I have bought from before and also won a contest they held last year. That is where I first got to experience their nail polish and it was definitely a postive one. I currently own about 7 of their nail polishes and just bought two more over the weekend when having their 25% off coupon event. I have also just discovered that I currently own one of the nail polishes that I've purchased. I must be losing my mind I swear! But I will be passing them on to a new own, Nski Beauty, who will definitely take care of them and might even post her opinion on them as well. Anyways, I went ahead and purchased "Pick Me Up At Melrose Place" and "Eight Days A Week" which I've been longing for for a while as well, thankfully it will soon be in my hands!

On that note, this now concludes my weekend nail polish haul and this week should be full of fun nail mail packages! If I get everything before the weekend I will try my best to spend this upcoming Sunday doing swatches and hopefully completing a full blog post about all the bottles of heaven that I've received.