Friday, November 22, 2013

Nail Polish Haul Swatches

In my previous post Haul Overview I posted the different nail polishes that I had bought during my haul weekend, which don't happen very often, at all. Since then I have received all my nail polishes and of course have worn them all already since you can't just get new things and NOT make them the next thing you wear! My first purchase was "Set Fire To The Rain" by Too Fancy Lacquer which I saw a swatch online, looked at her Instagram page, and knew I just had to buy it when it was restocked. If you're wondering, yes I was super super glad that I made the purchase! When it came in the mail it really had no chance of not being used so I put it on right away and was pretty surprised. Doing 1 coat would probably be decent enough but I always like to put 2 coats on just in case I missed some spots with my first coat. I'm pretty sure a little light from heaven shined done on my nails once I was done because my oh my the blue color is just gorgeous.


Left photo is with no flash and the right photo is with flash; both are indoors.
If I have not previously stated, I'm totally a Starbucks addict, so I of course had to take a picture while holding my coffee in the sun. Picture still doesn't do this nail polish justice in my opinion, and beware, WILL cause staring while driving in the sun!
My next purchases were from Serum No5: "Day Glow" (previous may be found here), "Burning Orchid", and "Twilight Sparks." I started with "Burning Orchid" first and did about 3 coats with it on top of just plain, no base color nails. I would recommend using it as a topcoat on another polish as it is a little shear when it's just on it's own but either way, it's still great! And I, of course, forgot to super charge my nails to be able to get an in the dark photo of the glow.
Both photos were taken with flash.

 "Twilight Sparks" to me is a shimmery forest green polish that may be a little sheer for just one coat, but with a second coat, it's much better. A third coat would be necessary if you find some other spots that are quite as covered as the rest of the nail. I also once again forgot to super charge my nails and get an in dark picture with this one as well (can you tell that I may be a little stressed out?)
Both photos were taken with flash.

My last purchase that I'm able to show you guys for now (I'll get to that soon) is "Nightcrawler" from Polished by KPT which I had on for basically a week straight, kid you not! I had the normal tip wear and also a small chip or 2 on a nail or so which was amazing to me. "Nightcrawler" is a thermal which I love because it's really nice to see whether my hands are hot or cold by noticing what color my nails are. It's also really fun to make a gradient/ombre with the polish too by sticking part of the nail into either hot or cold water and watch it change! I took several photos on my nails while I had this polish on but I'll just show you a couple.
When the your hands are warm this is the color that the nail polish turns. It's a light, shimmery purple and it still covers completely with no seeing your nail underneath.

When your hands are cold this is the color that the nail polish turns and is the color you see when you look at the website. It's an awesome "deep but not so deep" purple and I absolutely love it.


In these two photos you can (hopefully) see the subtle gradient/ombre effect that happens in the process of your hands going from hot to cold. This is definitely quite amusing to me because it just looks so awesome and cool when it's shifting colors! Guess you guys will just have to purchase the polish and try it out for yourselves! ;)
My last order was from NCLA but when I received my package and looked at "Eight Days A Week" I noticed that it was not the same color that the website shows it as. The website photo makes it look more of a light blue when in real life it is more of a lavendar purple. Seeing as this was disappointing, I sent an email to NCLA and within a short period of time I got a nice response. Even though I wasn't happy with the nail polish, their customer service has always been wonderful to me and I've never had problems with them. They were very nice about the matter and let me know that I was more than welcome to exchange the nail polish so I sent both back since I already had "Pick Me Up At Melrose Place."  It's been a few weeks since I've sent them back and yesterday I sent another email asking about the situation and was once again emailed in a timely manner with a very nice response. After I replied about which nail polishes I wanted for my exchange a couple hours later I got an email response back along with a tracking number for my package from them. Usually I would be really annoyed by a situation like this but the fact that I got email responses, in general, and very nice replies and a lot of help, made the situation not so big of a deal. That is the great thing about NCLA is that they really care about their customers and are willing to help with whatever they can!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winstonia Order

So I decided that maybe I should try out some new ideas to make my nails pop a little more and I've seen a handful of people on Instagram reviewing items from Winstonia. I started following their Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I decided that I'd go grab some stuff for myself and check it out! I snagged a total of 5 items starting with 3D Glow in the Dark Bead Studs which of course caught my attention because who doesn't like to get distracted by your nails at 12am when you're trying to go to bed?!
My next two items were 3D Alloy Decoration Bling Rhinestone Charms, #4 and #14 (for now at least!) #4 are black bows with silver lining and a nice shiny rhinestone/bling in the middle of the bow. #14 is a pretty good skull with some more nice shiny rhinestones on top of the head! Now to remember to go get the nail glue for these that I forgot to buy so I can actually try them out!

The last two items that I got from Winstonia are Water Transfer Tattoo Stickers; number 02 and number 05. Number 02 is a set of awesome nautical tattoo stickers which I am a sucker for and number 05 is a set of different types of bows which I felt were appropriate since Christmas is coming up quite soon (34 days, not that I'm counting or anything).

Once I get the chance to try all of these fabulous items out I will definitely make sure to make a nice little post about each one! For now I will just create ideas with ways to use each one in a semi-normal fashion. I'll also be gone until next month (get it? Ha) as of this Saturday so hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
*All photos shown in this post are from the Winstonia website