Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winstonia Order

So I decided that maybe I should try out some new ideas to make my nails pop a little more and I've seen a handful of people on Instagram reviewing items from Winstonia. I started following their Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I decided that I'd go grab some stuff for myself and check it out! I snagged a total of 5 items starting with 3D Glow in the Dark Bead Studs which of course caught my attention because who doesn't like to get distracted by your nails at 12am when you're trying to go to bed?!
My next two items were 3D Alloy Decoration Bling Rhinestone Charms, #4 and #14 (for now at least!) #4 are black bows with silver lining and a nice shiny rhinestone/bling in the middle of the bow. #14 is a pretty good skull with some more nice shiny rhinestones on top of the head! Now to remember to go get the nail glue for these that I forgot to buy so I can actually try them out!

The last two items that I got from Winstonia are Water Transfer Tattoo Stickers; number 02 and number 05. Number 02 is a set of awesome nautical tattoo stickers which I am a sucker for and number 05 is a set of different types of bows which I felt were appropriate since Christmas is coming up quite soon (34 days, not that I'm counting or anything).

Once I get the chance to try all of these fabulous items out I will definitely make sure to make a nice little post about each one! For now I will just create ideas with ways to use each one in a semi-normal fashion. I'll also be gone until next month (get it? Ha) as of this Saturday so hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
*All photos shown in this post are from the Winstonia website