Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Nails

Hope you all had a great and safe Memorial Day weekend! I know I did and my was it a busy one! Did some relaxing of course, had a couple of BBQs, bonfire with my best friends, and sadly now it's all over and back to work! I had two different nail looks this past weekend though they weren't very festive rather I just picked a couple colors out that I liked and popped out. At the beginning of the weekend I chose to go with one of my favorite colors from Pure Ice, "Getting Gorgeous." With blue being on of my favorite colors it's not a surprise, to me at least, that it's on my favorites list. However if you do look pretty closely at "Getting Gorgeous" and OPI's "DS Magic" they look almost alike but I feel that they're just a bit different. At first glance you might think that it's just a blue nail polish but if you look closely you're able to notice purple flecks mixed in with the blue. I'm highly fascinated with this color and it is so much better in the sun though it was sadly hard to capture through the lens of my camera phone (sigh).

My second nail polish look of the weekend was "Warhol" from the Color Club Poptastic collection which I'm not sure when it came out but I do know that I go all but one of the colors from the collection at Ross Dress for Less store. This color is like a hot pink but is a bit darker of a tone and since I haven't done any neon or super bright colors lately, I went for this one! I usually do two thicker coats and top it off with my top coat and it's pretty solid after that!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Love Nail Polish: Part 3

The next three polishes that are part of my I Love Nail Polish collection were purchased in two separate orders but I'm so glad to have bought them! My second purchase had been a couple of months ago after seeing the ILNP posts on Instagram and I just had to look at the new polishes and get some more. I would like to say that I just love the way that the nail polishes are packaged and in my opinion, I think it's pretty cute. You get the nice all black box with the ILNP logo stamped all over it and when you open up the box, you see the fabulous pastel logo colored tissue paper that you'll just want to keep then of course, the grand prize, the nail polishes! Which are also in nice boxes and they make you not want to rip them open but gently open the top, slip the nail polish out, and keep the box somewhere that it won't get damaged.

Now onto the nail polishes that I purchased for my second order! First I looked at the swatches of Mega and instantly had to have it therefore I threw that bad boy into my cart! Mega is a nice silver/white holographic nail polish that just sparkles in the sunlight and like the other ILNP polishes I have, it's one that I always find myself wiggling my fingers in the sun to see all the sparkle it produces. I am serious when I tell you that all these nail polishes need a nice big WARNING sign and a disclosure that you WILL get distracted by wearing these.

The second nail polish I had in my second order was Reminisce and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that this one is on my favorite nail polish list. The name doesn't indicate that it's a green nail polish and there are those who may not find certain shades of green attractive or desired but this, oh how this one is so different! First thing it reminds me of is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (since I'm a super nerd) and I just love how vibrant and noticeable the color is on your nails. Sometimes I even daydream about this nail polish even though I know that sounds weird but it's one of those that you can't get out of your head!

The last nail polish that I ordered to complete my current ILNP collection (but certainly not my last one ever!) is My Little Glacier (H) which shifts from a very light blue to silver. It's of course another nail polish in which I warn you that you will get distracted by especially in the sunlight. I don't think that I have seen a nail polish yet that has the kind of blue/silver color that this one does and it's one of those I'd definitely want to wear a number of times.

This would now be the conclusion and ending of my three part I Love Nail Polish posts! Phew that went by fast! I know that in one of the posts I stated that the nail polish gets just a tiny bit gloopy when you go to do your second coat but overall, that's basically the only thing that I had noticed. I am signed up for ILNP newletters which are extremely nice especially if you're not exactly cruising through your Instagram feed or checking the website that often. When I was purchasing My Little Glacier (H) I had received a coupon code in my email and wasn't able to apply it to my order when I was on my phone so I had emailed Barbara, the owner. She responded back quickly and was more than happy to help me out, add my discount code to my order, and refund the difference back to me all within about 5 minutes or less! Therefore the customer service is beyond great and there is nothing negative I could even think to say about it which makes me extremely happy since there are some customer services out there that are not this fabulous. Hope you all enjoyed my three part posts, are interested and intrigued into buying some ILNP nail polishes, and have a great Memorial Day weekend! Don't go too crazy now!