Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fourth of July Nails

This year I wasn't too motivated to be very fancy with my Fourth of July nails, it's been a funky past month or so. This time I decided to do a simple gradient on my accent nails with red, white, and blue, and just did plain blue on the rest of my nails. For the blue I used Pure Ice "French Kiss" which I'm pretty sure there two different colors with the same name..and yes I own them both! That's how I found out :). For the red I also used a Pure Ice nail polish (since they're cheap and pretty good) "Siren" and for the white used Studio M "French Tip" (I swear I'm not trying to theme this).

For the gradient I used a makeup sponge in which I painted the colors onto one by one. I would totally make a video of how I did this but I honestly have no idea how to for one and..okay well there's only one point! I get a lot of amazed looks when I explain how I do this to people and it's pretty funny, makes me look like a genius! My explanation might not help either but the way that I do this after I paint the nail polish onto the sponge is I dab it onto the nail in a back and forth motion while also doing an up and and down motion at the same time. I always do two layers of this as well, sometimes more depending on the nail polish, and like always, a second coat makes such a difference.

I wish I was more motivated this year to go all out but maybe I'll have more energy next year....let's hope so! The blue went on pretty well and if I wasn't so adamant about doing two coats every time, it could be just a one coat nail polish which is great. The red is the same way and I feel like that's how a good chunk of Pure Ice nail polishes are like that. White has always been one of those nail polishes that no matter what brand it is I'm always looking at my nails thinking to myself "Hm I don't think I have enough on my nails, doesn't look like EVERYTHING is covered." But anyways, that's pretty much it for this post and hopefully I won't slack too much in the near future. My life is about to get a little thrown upside down so I apologize in advance!