Friday, May 23, 2014

I Love Nail Polish: Part 2

Sometimes technology and me aren't that great of  friends which leads to it not wanting to work with me and making blogging a little more difficult for me. Great stuff don't you think? Anyways I'm splitting my first I Love Nail Polish post into two different parts so thankfully my order contained four different polishes (phew!). Up next on my list is Sweet Serenade which is also in the purple/blue category and if you couldn't tell by now, I'm basically obsessed with pink, purple, and blue. The photos that I personally took don't capture the beauty of this nail polish but try it out in real life and you'll understand why it's a polish I love! Comparing the real life color to the color that the photos portray on the I Love Nail Polish website, to me it's a little bit darker in real life but still a fabulous color!

Last but not least is Absolute Zero which to my surprise at the time was included in my order for free! I love free things (for the most part) an this one was a great item to be added to my already amazing order. I still feel like no matter what I do it's hard to capture the real beauty of the nail polishes and maybe I just need a better camera. Absolute Zero to me is like a dark blue with shimmer in it and once you get in the sunlight, oh boy do you see that shimmer!

Overall my first experiences with these four nail polishes from I Love Nail Polish was a positive and great one! I believe that the only "issue" that I noticed when I was first using these was that when I went to do my second coat, the polish seemed to get just a little thick and goopy but it wasn't nothing too serious. I also recommend doing two coats with these since one in general is never enough but with two you get the full effect of how the nail polish is suppose to be. Since this fall preorder I have also ordered three more colors and soon Post 3 will be up with those! Enjoy guys!

Sweet Serenade (first 4) & Absolute Zero (second 4)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP): Post 1

Oh hey guys, I'm sure that you've all been wondering whether or not I'm still alive and kicking so well, I'm here to tell you I am! Surprise! I know I've stated in previous (and now ancient) posts that school this semester was royally kicking me in the butt, true story, and now I've been officially done for almost a week, if you want to get technical about it. I'm trying to get all of my energy back and into a normal schedule so I'm posting at least once a week and not going to highly MIA for months again. I wish I could say that allergy season is helping me but sadly those suffering from allergies now that it has been a brutal allergy season so far and I hope (please!) that it's over soon so I can have a lot more energy! Anyways, onto the real topic of this post!

Back in the fall I had participated in the preordering of the fall collection from I Love Nail Polish because I couldn't just pass up great nail polishes right? I failed however to write my post about the 3 nail polishes I ordered and the one that I (awesomely) got free with my purchase. In the past month I have expanded my ILNP collection by adding three new polishes to the mix! Therefore I figured why not just make one big post about my entire ILNP collection? Which is exactly what I'm going to do now! My first order had consisted of Birefringence (H), Washing Ashore, Sweet Serenade, and the free (as well as awesome) polish I got was Absolute Zero which is sadly now discontinued.

Birefringence (H) is one of the nail polishes that you see swatches of and you know right away that it's one you just NEED to have in your collection. The way that I would describe this nail polish would be a mix of blue, purple, a shift of an army green, and all with a BAM! of holographic. I'm also pretty sure that this needs to come with a "Warning: May cause distraction when driving your car in sunlight" since it's so amazing to look at. Watching the shift between the colors along with the addition of holographic is just amazing to me and I would wear it often.

The second nail polish from my order is Washing Ashore which is a nice teal blue and when I shifted my nails, it turned a sort of blue-green, in my opinion at least. I realized the difference in colors when shifting my nails while driving, aka dangerous, and oh how I just loved it. There is however a difference between the photos that are on the website and how the color looks in real life but I personally think that either way, it's still a great color.