Friday, May 23, 2014

I Love Nail Polish: Part 2

Sometimes technology and me aren't that great of  friends which leads to it not wanting to work with me and making blogging a little more difficult for me. Great stuff don't you think? Anyways I'm splitting my first I Love Nail Polish post into two different parts so thankfully my order contained four different polishes (phew!). Up next on my list is Sweet Serenade which is also in the purple/blue category and if you couldn't tell by now, I'm basically obsessed with pink, purple, and blue. The photos that I personally took don't capture the beauty of this nail polish but try it out in real life and you'll understand why it's a polish I love! Comparing the real life color to the color that the photos portray on the I Love Nail Polish website, to me it's a little bit darker in real life but still a fabulous color!

Last but not least is Absolute Zero which to my surprise at the time was included in my order for free! I love free things (for the most part) an this one was a great item to be added to my already amazing order. I still feel like no matter what I do it's hard to capture the real beauty of the nail polishes and maybe I just need a better camera. Absolute Zero to me is like a dark blue with shimmer in it and once you get in the sunlight, oh boy do you see that shimmer!

Overall my first experiences with these four nail polishes from I Love Nail Polish was a positive and great one! I believe that the only "issue" that I noticed when I was first using these was that when I went to do my second coat, the polish seemed to get just a little thick and goopy but it wasn't nothing too serious. I also recommend doing two coats with these since one in general is never enough but with two you get the full effect of how the nail polish is suppose to be. Since this fall preorder I have also ordered three more colors and soon Post 3 will be up with those! Enjoy guys!

Sweet Serenade (first 4) & Absolute Zero (second 4)