Saturday, March 28, 2015

Movie Review: Insurgent

Hey guys! I know my page is mostly about nail polish but there are also other things I like too! Figured that I would try doing posts about other things along with posts about nail polish so hopefully it's okay with you all.

Insurgent came out on March 20th and of course I just had to see it that very night though I went to a late 9:45pm showing! My overall reaction and thought of the movie: I loved it. I've seen a number of people not like the movie and don't agree with the fact that it isn't strictly like the book. From my memory, I read the Divergent series a year and a half ago, there were a good number of things from the book that were in the movie. I don't want to spoil anything for anybody but I know that there were some questions about the scene with the box and from what I remember, that was part of it. I think the CGI usage was good as well and I tried to remember that the books are based on a very far in the future Chicago. In my mind I would be kind of upset if they didn't use the technology aspect to their advantage and I think the movie did that. Based on what I've seen other people post, I do think that there was a lot more focus on Tris than other characters and you can't help but love Peter's character. The simulations that occurred in the movie, those I don't remember being in the book but I do think that it added to the movie and some of them were confusing but it happens.

It's hard to discuss things from the movie while trying to make a spoiler free post but I do think that if you're going to see the movie, that I would go in with an open mind. I really do understand where a lot of people are coming from when it comes to keep movies just like the books are. I wish that would be a possibility and if there was an unlimited budget and authors had 100% say in everything that that would be the situation. One key to remember, in my opinion, is that there are just some things that aren't possible to do in a movie because of money reasons or it might be too hard to try and recreate. With Insurgent, I think that they did a good job with what they did and that the movie was still enjoyable and I really did like it.