Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zoya Nail Polish Haul

About a week and a half ago I was doing my usual scanning on Instagram when I came across a picture one of the accounts I follow posted: Zoya nail polish promo! I find these types of things and then BAM! I'm off searching the websites and figuring out what I'm going to purchase. This time I ended up purchasing 6 new Zoya nail polishes, which is my highest amount in a very long while, and once I get the time I'll be doing a nice big swatch fest of them all! For now I'll just share the ones that I purchased :) I'll be using the photos that are posted on each page from Zoya’s website since they've got the photos down already.

The first color that I decided to get was "Areetha" which is a fabulous metallic lilac color and I just knew I had to get it. I'm pretty sure it matches the dress that I wore (very shortly) for my Senior Prom 5 years ago….man that makes me feel a little old. Either way I love this color.

The second nail polish I grabbed was “Indigo” which is a darker blue with some holographic glitter and it reminds me of the night sky from the photos online. I love the color blue and the photos I saw we’re definitely sellers for me. The bottle in real life though is darker than what it shown but I still love the color.

The next nail polish I got was "Rihana" which is a darker shade and the color reminds me of a dark red wine with a little purple mixed into it. I love having dark red type shades like this because it makes me feel a little more elegant and fancy.

Next up is "Anaka" which for one, has a unique name, and two, who doesn't love having a bright pink/fuschia color on their nails? I always seem to tend to go more towards blues, purples, and pinks, and this falls into that category! Which brings me to my next nail polish.

"Aurora" is a fabulous purple color with holographic scattered in it and my oh my, it's beautiful. I remember when it first came out and everybody seemed to have picked it up besides, of course, me. Then I realized how brilliant it was and now I've finally got it in my grasp! Muahaha. Evil laugh done.

Last but not least is "Noel" is more of a shade darker than a sky blue but it's metallic and it just looks kind of heavenly! Like I previously stated, I love blues and this totally falls into the blue category and I just had to make it part of my collection.