Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Florida Trip

Hey guys! I know it's been quite a while since I've done a new blog post but since it was Thanksgiving break last week, I shipped myself off to Florida for the week! Which I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving and that it was another memorable holiday. :) I figured that I would just do a little post about my vacation for now and I'll hopefully be able to get another new nail post up soon. Since I'm such a lucky person, the last couple days of my trip I was sick/attached by my allergies, one of the two, and I've been out of commission lately. School is also coming to an end for the semester (yay!) and that's a whole other story I won't get into!

Well now onto the trip! I spent a couple days down at the parks in Orlando and when I was at Magic Kingdom I had 2 mission oriented goals: 1. Get a photo with Tigger and Pooh and 2. Devour another delicious chocolate croissant. I'm telling you all that I swear by the chocolate croissants that are at Magic Kingdom! They have them at Epcot in the French part of the countries but in my opinion, they're more air and less bread and chocolate. This is what the magical croissants look like:

Topped with powdered sugar and chocolate drizzle! Although I do have to say that since it was colder out, it cooled my croissant down a little, so it's even better when it's a bit more warm and toasty. Nonetheless, still delicious!

My dad is a huge Tigger fan so I always have to try to get a picture with Tigger because who doesn't love him? This time I did score Pooh along with Tigger and they were definitely warm and fuzzy and tried to warm me up which was pretty funny. They also smushed me to help try and keep me warm, such great fellows! And of course I couldn't go to Magic Kingdom without sporting my twin tee with Ariel and her nerd glasses (though they aren't pictured here).

I was also lucky enough to get pretty good front row spots for the parade as well which was loaded with a bunch of characters. It was a pretty neat thing to see and loved seeing everybody in the parade interact with the crowd and the floats were just amazing as well.

Found me a Chip and a Dale!                                 Wendy and Peter Pan.

 Cinderella and the Prince.                                Belle and the Beast (who was a little scary to me!)

And of course had to get a picture of my twin Ariel with Prince Eric!

Since I wasn't there at night I wasn't able to get a glorified picture of the castle lit up but here's one that will hopefully be worthy enough of it.

The front entrance was all nice and Christmas-like and of course couldn't pass up a picture of it. Also went to Hollywood Studios which has a ginormous Christmas tree all decorated which I still don't know how they do it!

I spent the week at my aunt and uncle's house and we went to an art walk nearby and there were a ton of people with their dogs. Seems pretty normal right? Well there was one "dog" that was quite deceiving until you took a closer look at her:

Any guess at what she might be?
Cutest thing ever.

 Anyways! That's a little bit about my trip for now, if you want more details of the other things I did, just leave it in the comments below! I should probably get back to my homework (though I don't want to) but once again, I'll hopefully have another new nail blog post up soon! Definitely next week since I'll be on break starting next Wednesday night. Have a good day! <3