Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve!

It's currently the morning of New Years Eve and although I would love to share my exciting plans with you guys, I have none! After working for half the day today, I plan on getting into my comfy clothes and parking my butt onto my couch for the night. Though I do want to share with you all some of the things that I am going to attempt and hoping to achieve for the new year! First off, one of my goals is to make sure I blog at least once a week. Currently I am on winter break from school but starting January 12th, it's back on again. This is always an energy drainer for me but that brings me to my next goal. Secondly, I have one word, ORGANIZATION! This has been one of my biggest things that I have been horribly failing at and have never been too organized in my life, ever, actually. But the end of this year has brought the joy of moving to me, which I don't want to do again for a long time!, so that was a big obstacle for me. Third, well this one requires the boyfriend and I to actually go get our ID cards for our community center but after that, it's getting back into the gym! I had a good few months where I was going to the gym twice a week and eating better than I am right now but then, of course, school started again and I was beyond wiped out and exhausted that I stopped going. Hopefully now that I have a partner-in-crime my butt will be in the gym more even with school going on. Fourth, but of course not the completely last goal..for now, is to stop being lazy and start getting myself going on trying to get myself further into my career. I mean I won't be done with school completely for at least another 4 years but my one program will, hopefully, be done soon and I need to start getting myself out there. This means stop hesitating to send emails out to professors asking them questions about what I am supposed to do and stop expecting things to come my way because, clearly, they still haven't. So far these are some of the goals I have for the year and I'm going to take them one step at a time. This probably means Pinterest because who doesn't love Pinterest and there are so many great pins that are really helpful. NOW, I want to hear from YOU about some of the goals you have for this new year. You can leave them in the comments below, Tweet at me, Instagram me, email me, whatever is easiest for you! See you guys next year!