Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Throwback Tuesday

I can do that right? I know it's not Thursday when the usual throwback is, but Tuesday starts with also. I've been doing my nails for a couple years now and sometimes I like to get creative with it so I'm going to go back and show some of my earlier work. Since it's October and the season of Halloween, I'll throw it back to my own color schemed nails.
I took my own spin on the googly eye mani and went with some blue nail polish since, I'm sure you will notice over time, that my favorite is in fact, blue.  To create this mani I started off with a base coat (I use Seche Vite) and then applied 2 coats of "Superstar!" by Pure Ice (available at Walmart), which is the light blue, and then "Denim Dash" by Maybelline New York for the darker blue. Over "Denim Dash" I put a coat of "Opal Elegance" by Nina Ulta Pro (bought at Sally Beauty Supply) and for the white and black in the eyes, I used "Splash!" by Pure Ice and "Black Creme" by Maybelline New York.  At the time I used a homemade dotting tool by taking a needle that has a ball at the end and sticking it into a pencil eraser. Pretty easy and cheap to make! Now of course have dotting tools with a larger variety of sizes to use. I let my coats of polish dry inbetween layers so that I didn't smudge them and then I used the Seche Vite topcoat to finish them off. I found the idea on Pinterest while searching for some different things to do and you can find the pin here!

Next on the Throwback Thursday list is a mani that I did when I had newly discovered Mucking Fusser who is AMAZING at marbling. Seriously though, her water marbles are one of thee best that I have ever seen and she's posted a ton of tutorials which is where my next mani came from. Water marbling hasn't liked me for several months though and it's quite sad but nonetheless, a great and interesting technique.
The how-to of a water marble, in a nutshell, is basically letting nail polish drop into a cup of water, one color at a time, so they form a bunch of rings. After that you quickly take a toothpick and move it through the polish to make a design and when you have your design, you stick your nail into it, hold it there, and clean up the excess polish before you take your finger out. I'm sure I have just thoroughly confused everybody, which I apologize for, but here is a link to video on YouTube that might be able to help better than I at explaining! There's also a ton more videos out there on YouTube than just the one posted.  For this specific one though, I did a white base coat with "Superstar!" by Pure Ice, used my favorite mint green, "Mint Sorbet" by Sally Hansen, "On A Trip" and "Dreamy Poppy" by Wet N' Wild.  I absolutely loved, and still do, how they turned out! It always gets the good ole "Oh my god! How did you do that?! That looks amazing!" response so it's totally worth the time and mess that it takes and makes for water marbling. Plus who wouldn't wanna make awesome design with nail polish in water?!

In this Throwback Tuesday post I'll just leave you guys with 2 photos for now and please do let me know if you do or don't like these posts! I'm definitely always up for suggestions and they're all welcome so just send me an e-mail or find me on Instagram or Twitter and of course Google + works too! Hope you guys enjoy this fine Tuesday and I'll have more for you later on in the week!