Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Nail Art Challenge

So I've been thinking throughout the day today and thought that it would be a really fun and cool idea to get a different nail art challenge every week.  I've seen a whole ton of amazing nail art designs and ideas posted all over the different social media websites and it's quite inspiring.  I do like doing nail art from time to time and think it would be great for my fellow (and future) followers to challenge me! Of course anybody can participate in the weekly challenges and I would love to feature some of the great creations that come out of it. I'm up for starting to receive all kinds of challenge ideas so don't be afraid to send me an email, a tweet, a comment, or an Instagram tag! If you tag me on Instagram, use the hashtag #highonpolishchallenge and I'll make sure to check out what people have been tagging! I will also do my best to try and get some video documentation of my attempts at these challenges as well even if they don't come out looking like the finished product! So excited to see what I get and when I decide what the first nail art challenge should be, I will post it and we will let it begin!