Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Outfit and Nails

 Well Friday is finally here, thankfully, and I've taken the day to dress decently comfy! Mornings are a little bit chilly so I usually go ahead and throw some leggings on because, well, why not? Fall is definitely legging season and I'm quite glad that it's here since they seem to be a very accepting piece of clothing to constitute as pants.
Out of my huge handful of legging selections, I've decided to go with my light gray ones today which are from Old Navy. I swear they are almost like legging heaven since they seem to always have a large number of them.  To cover my feet I have on my knee high boots that sometimes fall down and I'm pretty sure that I bought them at Carson's last fall. 
It may not be completely obvious yet but I am definitely a big Potter Head and Harry Potter fan and figured today would be a good day to wear my shirt. It's hard to tell from the picture what it says but it states that "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" and I got it from Hot Topic. Here is a link to the shirt in girls and here is one for the shirt in guys, just in case someone thinks they're guy friend, boyfriend, or husband needs to wear it!
 Lastly, today on my nails I am wearing OPI "Koala Bear-y" which I partly used because I love the name and because I haven't worn it in a while. It's a nice pink and I love that one coat could most likely be enough but I like adding two coats just in case. I got this from Ulta a few months ago along with a couple other nail polishes. No nail art on my nails for me today but I'm hoping to try out some velvet nails that my lovely friend Ann Marie from Nski Beauty tried out a little while ago! Definitely excited for that but I'm not sure how excited I'll be when I'm trying to clean up but we shall see! Hope you guys have a good day and I'll hopefully be posting some more nail posts this weekend!
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