Friday, July 3, 2015

This Color's Making Waves by OPI

I BLOGGED I KNOW! The last few weeks seem to have been..very unproductive which isn't good. I'll just go ahead and blame the weather since it seems like it's mostly been raining and storming with a few nice, warm, sunny days here and there. And we all know how much rainy crap weather doesn't do anything good for our moods and sleep is basically the only thing one desperately wants. Secondly I did turn 25 (speed limit, yeahhhh!) so I'll maybe assume it's a mid-twenties-crisis? Anyways onto the blog post for this week, which is the 4th of July tomorrow! I'm kind of scared that it's already July since August means I'll most likely have my sanity sucked away.

For this post I want to be honest and to say that I have NO idea if or what this nail polish is part of..a collection? Random? WHO KNOWS! I picked it up at Ulta when I went to search desperately for my favorite dry shampoo, Batiste, and I planned on not buying a single bottle of nail polish going in..we see how well that worked right? I can't help but to browse through the clearance to see if there's any good nail polish on sale then found myself wandering over to the little tower of nail polish. I couldn't leave the store without buying at least one bottle and OPI's This Color's Making Waves was the chosen one basically for the color. If I had to describe this color I'd say it's similar to a sea foam green type of color. I noticed as well that if I tilted my hand forward that at the angle it seemed to shift a little to a blue which I find awesomely cool.

See? Maybe?
Putting the nail polish on was smooth, of course I put on two coats, and that always seems to help. There are also little sparkles in there too which I always forget are sort of a pain and a mess when I'm cleaning up my nails. However that could also contribute to the way my brush cleans up but I guess it's a mystery we may never solve. Overall I really like this nail polish as well as shifting it around in the bottle because well, I'm easily amused, what can I say?