Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Damsel" by JulieG and "Experimental Rocket" by Varnish Vixen

I love getting my Ipsy bags every month especially when they come with a new bottle of nail polish because..I love nail polish right? In my April bag I got this bottle of JulieG nail polish which I've never heard of before but I was really surprised at how thick and well it goes on and covers. I got a nice shad of pink that I really liked and of course I decided to try it out rather than sift through my unsorted collection to find a color I wanted to try. Since I haven't really done anything fancy or somewhat different than just plain nails, I threw some "Experiemental Rocket" from Varnish Vixen on my accent nail. I know I've posted about Experimental Rocket before which I had gotten on Etsy a while back and I sadly don't believe that the store is open/around on Etsy anymore. This makes me extremely sad because I love the color.

I'd also like to point out that it was kind of hard to really capture the in real life (IRL) color and hopefully I can work on that! I retook my original photos a day or so later since the weather decided to not be raining and all that along with some Photoshop retouching so thankfully I was able to make it look less pink purple and more pink. Oh and that's right! I decided to add some nice silver rhinestones (oh how I love me some bling!) on my accent nail and I think it adds a little flare.

The JulieG nail polish went on really well and I'm pretty sure that I could have only used one coat but I always like to do 2 coats just in case. It went on really smoothly covering all parts of my nail and added with a top coat, it just looked even more slick and smooth. I was really impressed with this nail polish especially coming from a brand that I haven't heard of before. This is one that I would definitely recommend to others to try although I'm not exactly sure how much a bottle costs in a store.

Sorry this was, obviously, taken a little shaky. My bad!