Tuesday, June 10, 2014

OPI: Push and Shove

If you follow me on Instagram (@kristinalynn15) you might have already seen my little addition to my previous mani (which I blogged about here). OPI released their Gwen Stefani collection this year and the one nail polish from that collection I knew I needed to have was "Push and Shove." Let me just start off by simply saying the word "CHROME" now that it's out of my system, how could you pass up such a unique color? Yes there are nail wraps or foils but I personally don't feel like it's the same as painting your nails with a nice, creamy, liquid nail polish. "Push and Shove" comes with it's own base coat that you are to apply before the actual nail polish called "Lay Down That Base." I put on two layers of the chrome polish even though you could get away with only doing one but I wanted to make sure that I had all the areas of my nails covered. With this color you aren't supposed to put a top coat on but rather let it air dry, which I have done previously, but this time I went with a top coat just to make sure it stayed longer.  My first run with this color was amazing but I found that not even within a day, the polish started to rub off with time and I wasn't exactly that impressed with it. The top coat has seemed to help with the rubbing off issue but slightly dulls the chrome effect though it really isn't by that much at all. Either way, top coat or air dry, I still have "Push and Shove" on my favorite nail polish list because I am so amazed and in love with it.

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