Friday, June 13, 2014

May Ipsy Bag: Balanced Guru

One of the items that I have been using for the past week and a half or so from my May Ipsy Bag has been the No Frizz hair oil from Balanced Guru. I was unsure about the product when I first received it since it's organic and the first smell I wasn't exactly fond of it. I decided to try it out anyways after I had showered and washed my hair since my hair tends to frizz, and was pretty impressed by it. I usually brush my hair out with my Wet Brush (which is awesome by the way) and I put a few drops of the hair oil into my hands, rubbed it into my hair, and was surprised to see that it seemed to feel lighter and less crazy. After letting my hair air dry I noticed such a different between how my hair usually is without the product and then after. My hair is significantly less frizzy especially when I air dry it and I'm so impressed with this that I'll probably buy some more of it when I run out of it.

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